• Liv

Looking forward to an EPIC Season

This year will be the first snowboarding season that I'm planning to be a full participant in - I officially have my first-ever season pass! We ended up somehow managing to take six weekend trips to Lake Tahoe last year at Squaw Valley, so it made sense when planning and budgeting for this season that I finally take the plunge and just get a season pass. When we factor in going up for a couple of days, several times over a season, it financially makes sense to go the season pass route.

I've gotten the Epic Local Pass, which means that our primary bases will be Heavenly in South Lake Tahoe and Northstar in North Lake Tahoe. The Epic Local pass is $699 until September 2nd, and while it does have some restrictions on dates, they're not ones that would be when we'd likely be planning to go to Tahoe anyway, so that wasn't a major factor in deciding which pass level to purchase. The Epic Local Pass even includes 10 days at Whistler Blackcomb up in British Columbia, north of Vancouver, so we're talking about trying to get up there for a trip this season after I fell in love with the area when traveling there for work.

Last season at Squaw Valley, I focused on getting comfortable on my first snowboard and learned the basics of toe and heel turning on green runs. Before the 2018/2019 season, I had spent a grand total of 3 days trying to teach myself the basics of boarding, so this year I ended up taking a couple of lessons in addition to regular days out on the slopes. Towards the end of the season, just as the weather was starting to make the snow more like slush, I started to make my way down a few blue runs and even did a (very sloppy) start to a black diamond run!

One of the last trips of the 2018/2019 season

This year, I feel more prepared already - I upgraded my jacket and gloves to keep the snow off of my back and out of my snow pants (hopefully, I start falling less, which should also help in this arena) - and I can feel myself itching to get back out in the cold. I'm actually a huge fan of winter weather, and these warm days in the Bay Area have me dreaming of cozy nights with hot tubs and fireplaces!

At 5'8" and 160 pounds, I ride a 152cm 2018/2019 season Burton Yeasayer Flying V board with Scribe EST Bindings in size M and K2 Sapera boots (8W shoe). I have what seems to be an incredibly wide stance, but my board and I are slowly but surely getting to know and love one another.

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