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Welcome to SCUBA & Snow

Welcome to SCUBA & Snow, a blog dedicated to celebrating the outdoors and capturing some of my favorite moments out in nature. Last winter was an exciting one all around, because I picked up two new hobbies: I got my Open Water SCUBA certification, and I started learning how to snowboard!

Diving in Maui and finding a fish

While SCUBA and snowboarding may not, on the surface (get it? the SURFACE?) have a lot in common, both of these activities push me mentally and physically, allow me to play with and configure specialized equipment that my body can get to work in tandem with, and, most importantly of all, get me in tune with nature and away from my phone.

I was never much of an athlete in school: I hated soccer and played for exactly one season in elementary school, went the marching band route in high school over any kind of sport, dropped P.E class as soon as I was allowed, and spent the first three years of college going to the gym all of three times. When I was in my early twenties, I discovered weight lifting and fell in love with strength training, spent a few years dabbling in bouldering at a local rock climbing gym, and had one adventurous attempt at snowboarding where I hit a tree on the bunny hill.

Out at Squaw Valley on a foggy day

Two years ago, I decided to get more physically active: I work in the technology industry, which means a lot of time behind screens and in chairs. I wanted to be able to explore and do more in the world, and I started dating an outdoorsy photographer who gave me a reason to get out and move more. I also developed anxiety and depression, and knew that increasing my activity levels would make me feel better.

The Adventure Begins!

In 2018, I started to set new goals for myself that focused less on finding activities that would help me reach specific fitness levels, and more on finding things that I loved. I trained for and completed my first (and let's be honest, probably only ) half marathon in February 2018. I started attending an aerial yoga class regularly, and started taking snowboarding lessons up in Lake Tahoe.

In April of 2018, I got my Open Water SCUBA certification down in Monterey and instantly fell in love. The feeling of being out in open space, away from my phone or computer, work, and the everyday hustle of Silicon Valley life made me feel better than I had in years - maybe ever.

While I've been snowboarding and diving for over a year now, I still in almost every way am a beginner. Recently, I've been starting to take these hobbies more seriously, and in doing so, I decided to start SCUBA and Snow as a diary and resource in going along. I'm thrilled to start exploring more of the land above and below us in these adventures, and am excited to have you along for the ride!

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