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8/25/19 Dive Log - Monterey, CA

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of taking a few our fellow dive friends down to Monterey for their first cold-water, California dives. It was the weekend of the Monterey Shoot-Out, so we were anticipating it being a little more crowded than usual. We left the Bay Area around 5:30 in the morning and drove down, which got us to San Carlos Beach just before 7. It took about an hour for the four of us to get our gear assembled and ready to go.

Yes, I did in fact color-coordinate my BCD with my regulator

This was the first time that I took out my BP/Wing setup, and I dove with a weight belt (23lbs) to estimate how much weight I'd need to account for. We planned to do two dives at San Carlos Beach, the breakwall and out towards the metridium and kelp fields. While we didn't expect to make it all the way out to the fields, we were pleasantly surprised to make it out with enough time to explore out there. It never gets old!

Dive 1

Duration - 0:42:00

Max/Average Depth - 52ft/46ft

Water Temp - 52.0F

Air Temp - 64.0F

Visibility - 25ft

Start Pressure - 3000psi

End Pressure - 600psi

Dive 2

Duration - 0:47:00

Max/Average Depth - 53ft/30ft

Water Temp - 52.0F

Air Temp - 64.0F

Visibility - 25ft

Start Pressure - 2900psi

End Pressure - 300psi

We're heading back to Monterey to dive Pt. Lobos soon, and we're both incredibly excited! My goal before then is to re-assemble my BP/W harness with the weight/trim pockets and additional D-rings that I bought after this dive. Other than our Disney DiveQuest dive, we haven't been out in a while. It will be great to be getting back into the water!


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